2016 CDJ Show Seminars

Please see our confirmed seminar schedule below. We will be adding the rest of the seminars as they are confirmed in the coming weeks.

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Paul MacIntosh

Dress For Success
Friday 10:00am

Paul is a regional manager with Moores Clothing with over 20yrs experience in the field of retail menswear.

Paul will discuss and show examples of how to create a menswear wardrobe to be properly dressed and ready for every event. read more

David Beal

Being the diverse DJ with Ethnic Music Part 1
Friday 11:15am

Each city has become a melting pot of many different ethnic backgrounds that give your city a lot of character. You have little communities inside one large community that makes up your great city. Having the ability to be diverse in the sense of coming outside of your comfort zone can be... read more

Jordan St Jacques & Kevin Kaye

Digital Marketing I: Your Digital Base
Friday 12:30pm

Learn about the inner workings of your Website, SEO and Mobile Apps, and see why the three are intimately intertwined. We'll take you through a brief overview of Websites with WordPress and give you a checklist of things to watch for so that you can judge if your web guy is actually doing a good... read more

Dikran Poladian

Digital DJ 101
Friday 1:45pm

Surviving in the 21st century as a Digital DJ and how Pioneer DJ is there for you. The do's and dont's: choosing the correct Setup from Hardware to Software to Laptop purchasing and configuration, Basic Troubleshooting and How Pioneer DJ easily integrates into any workflow. Bio: Dikran... read more

Sam Fleming

Future Proofing for DJ's
Friday 3:00pm

The CDJ Show welcomes back Sam Fleming, Founder of Evolved Entertainment, a custom DJ Production Company from downtown Toronto, Canada. Sam is a DJ, MC and Event Producer and also Toronto Centre team leader for the CPDJA. Sam started in theatre in the late 80's and then as a DJ on college radio... read more

Scott MacMillan & Mike Setlock

It's All About The Music!
Friday 4:15pm

Join Scott MacMillan (Multi Music Group President / Director of Programming) and Mike Setlock (ERG Music U.S.A. / Multi Music Group VP of North American Programming)as they discuss music trends and influences over the years and answer questions regarding licensing environments and programming of... read more

James Lupo

Karaoke Connection
Saturday 9:00am

James Lupo is a full time disc jockey / karaoke host. After stumbling on to karaoke by at a corporate Christmas party in the 1980's with a Pioneer laser disc system, James did not pursue that industry until 1990. Seeing the need for change he implemented standards over the years to step up the... read more

David Beal

Being the diverse DJ with Ethnic Music Part 2
Saturday 10:15am

Getting a total culture exposure can be rewarding, in part two of this seminar I will go over my experience and the ways I have learned to educate myself in terms of research to make my clients event a successful one. There are lots of resources that you can access if you are up for the challenge... read more

Paul Sanderson

Music Licensing
Saturday 11:30am

What is licensing music? What is the system of licensing in the music business? How does it actually work and where is the money? This session will explain and unravel the often complex practices and rights in the system of copyright licensing and legal issues that confront creators and... read more

Jordan St Jacques & Kevin Kaye

Digital Marketing: Advanced Social Media
Saturday 12:45pm

Everyone engages with Social Media to some extent, but your simple Posts & Tweets aren't even scratching for surface of what's possible when it comes to Social Media marketing. We'll take you through the extended possibilities of each of the major networks, and give real-life case studies of how... read more

Jay Porter

Studio Acoustics 201
Saturday 2:00pm

Jay will build on last year's Studio Acoustics 101 and will discuss topics such as absorption, diffusion, bass trapping and speaker placement to achieve accurate mixes in your studio. See how you can create an optimal listening environment in almost any space! Jay Porter graduated with a degree... read more

Steve Torok

Outdoor Lighting
Saturday 2:00pm

Steve will be introducing outdoor lighting, IP ratings, CSA requirements and examples of some great outdoor lighting ideas. Its great to be able to offer your clients an outdoor lighting solution for tent weddings and outdoor parties - including outdoor decor accents, mood changing and inspiring... read more

Don Wales

Insurance Dilemnas
Saturday 3:15pm

DJ Insurance Expert, Commercial Lines Broker, Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. Don has worked in the insurance industry for over 15 years and 16 years as a DJ for weddings, clubs, and special events. Don specializes in creating customized industry packages suited to the specific needs of the... read more

DJ Shine

Everything Ableton
Saturday 3:15pm

Certified Live Trainer DJ Shine will take you through "Everything Ableton" aimed at advanced users. From the early 90's heyday of Toronto's techno scene through to his current constant touring as a band member and programmer for Nelly Furtado and more recently hip hop superstar Drake, Jason "DJ... read more

Jordan St Jacques & Kevin Kaye

Digital Marketing: Lead Generation
Sunday 9:00am

Your customers are out there, and can be identified by their online activities. Learn how to spot newly engaged Brides before they end up at the Bridal Show, or find Corporate Christmas parties that have gone bad due to a terrible DJ so that you can chase the gig for next year. Develop strategies... read more

Howard Wallach

Proactive Habits: developing powerful tools for personal growth and success
Sunday 10:15am

Help grow your business and your relationships with excellent action plans discussed in this practical presentation by special event expert and entrepreneur Howard Wallach. Since 1987, "go to" guy Howard Wallach has been entertaining and producing diverse high-octane events across the Unites... read more

Brian S Redd

Reading The Crowd - Tips on Mobile DJ Music Programming
Sunday 11:30am

USA DJ, Brian S Redd, has made quite a name for himself in the DJ community by developing a vast social media network. This summer, his "Briansredd" YouTube channel will celebrate its 10th year of bringing you free DJ tutorials, demonstrations, advice and how-to videos. Brian is a staff... read more

Scott Faver

Sunday 12:30pm

Join Scott for the afternoon break, learn the magic behind the "New Network" and how to receive more referrals than ever before. Scott Faver, is The Game Master. As owner of The Party Favers, and a professional DJ\entertainer since 1980, he has created fun, unique and interactive games for the... read more

Steve Moody

Mastering the Methods of Master MCs
Sunday 2:30pm

Many of the most recognizable celebrities, tv personalities, game show hosts and news casters share similar traits. Steve's upbeat seminar will bring all of these techniques together and share how they can be applied in your own business. If you are looking for ways to command higher fees for... read more

Scott Faver

Closing Keynote
Sunday 4:30pm

The Game Master, Scott Faver, Offers a closing keynote with Games, Inspiration, Interaction and Motivation for all DJs ready to connect with their audience. Same lame game? Looking for interactive solutions? Become a celebration solutionist for your clients! Scott Faver, is The Game Master.... read more

DJ Vekked & DJ Brace

Turntablism 101
Sunday 4:30pm

PIONEER DJ PRESENTS THE DMC CANADA TURNTABLISM 101 SEMINAR PIONEER DJ CANADA and DMC CANADA have partnered to present an instructional turntablism seminar at the 2016 Canadian DJ Show Sunday March 13th, 2016 at 4:30PM. This is your opportunity to learn from two of the best that the... read more

Our 2016 seminar series will be on a wide array of topics ranging from live performance to business and career development. Some of the seminars cater to mobile DJs, some club DJs,producers, remixers, promoters, and others seminars will be applicable to all.

Our seminar presenters are respected industry professionals with years of experience, and travel to the show from across Canada & the U.S. to help you get the most out of your DJ career and/or business.

A random sample of some of our past seminars include:

  • Jay Porter - Studio Acoustics 101
  • Peter Merry - Celebritizing Your Clients
  • DJ Dopey & Dj Grouch - Live Hands-On Turntablism Training
  • Barry Kay & Jordan Zwicker - The Sparkle Factor
  • Michael Scott - Music Production and Remixing with Apple Logic Pro
  • Paul Sanderson - Business Entities and Tax Issues
  • Jim Norris - Self Promotion 101
  • Ray Martinez -Performance Beyond Expectation
  • C-Sik - Intermediate and Advanced Features in Serato DJ
  • DJ Anchor - Transitioning From DJ'ing As A Part Time Job Into A Career
  • Vickie Musni - Speaking Her Language; The 4 Dialects of Speaking "Bride"
  • Wes Straub - The Web for DJs: Power Up Your Brand and Business
  • Robe Pettigrew - Dynamic Colour effects using Uplighting and Lasers

...and many more

As the 2016 seminars are scheduled and confirmed, they will be posted here.