2017 Schedule

CDJ Show Heather VanViper, Main Stage presented by Electro-Voice

Above: Heather VanViper, Main Stage presented by Electro-Voice

The 2017 CDJ Show Schedule will be available in the coming weeks as the travel arrangements for the presenters are confirmed.

Friday and Saturday is open to Full and Guest Pass holders only.

Show registration begins Friday morning, followed by a full day of seminars and training. Friday evening offers networking opportunities, including the chance to meet seminar presenters, product specialists and industry peers in a relaxed environment.

On Saturday, show registration is followed by more seminars and training, followed by an exhibit hall preview and official after party Saturday night.

Sunday registration starts a little bit earlier, as the day kicks off with seminars, panels and training running simultaneously with the Exhibit Hall and main stage.

Weekend Overview


March 10th

11:00-6:00 Registration
12:00-7:20 Seminar Rooms
8:30-9:30 Networking Social Tundra Lobby Bar


March 11th

8:00-5:00 Registration
9:00-4:15 Seminar Rooms
3:00-6:00 GetSigned
4:00-6:00 Exhibit Hall Preview Full Pass & Guest Pass Holders only
4:00-6:00 Main Stage  
8:00-9:00 Networking Social Tundra Lobby Bar
9:00-4:00 Maison Mercer Toolroom Live w/Funkagenda


March 13th

8:00-5:00 Registration
9:00-5:30 Seminar Rooms
10:00-6:00 Main Stage
6:00 Prizes - Main Stage Full Pass holders only

Weekend Details

Seminar Room 1 - primarily seminars and panels for club/touring DJs and producers
Seminar Room 2 - primarily seminars for mobile and corporate DJs
Seminar Room 3 - primarily seminars for live performance DJs and producers
Main Stage Schedule

To see a full list of seminar presenters, click here.