2017 CDJ Show Seminars

Our seminar details will be updated weekly as we approach the show and confirm all of the details.

CDJ Show DJ Shine Ableton Seminar

Above: DJ Shine Ableton Seminar

David Beal

Mastering your Craft as a DJ and Business Owner
Friday 12:00pm

With 17 years in the DJ industry and 31 years of being a DJ, David has grown as a mobile entertainer and business owner using various resources. In this seminar you will get a better grasp on what tools are needed to expand your Business and grow as a Mobile Entertainer. David has been a DJ for... read more

Rob Savickis

20 Nuggets for Photo Booth Success
Friday 1:15pm

Organizer of the US Photo Booth Expo, DJ and Photo Boother there isn't much Rob Savickis doesn't have his hand in. Rob is looking forward to visiting Australia from Canada to impart his years of experience and knowledge on Boothcon attendees by speaking about "20 ways to make your photo booth... read more

Jordan St Jacques

Mobile Apps for Nightclubs & DJs - reach your customers in the format they use most!
Friday 2:30pm

The Mobile revolution has been in full swing for a few years now, and we've recently past the point where Users (ie your clientele) are more than 5 times likely to check a mobile device before they'll check a website. This seminar will take you through best-use case studies for Nightclubs, Club DJs... read more

Jim Norris

Branding For The DJ Professional
Friday 3:45pm

Branding is defined as a collection of perceptions in the mind of the customer. We will cover topics such as establishing an effective image, logo design, promotional material, on-site materials, social media, designing a compelling website and building a growing e-mail list. Jim Norris was born... read more

Keith Kokoruz

Social Media Madness
Friday 5:00pm

Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Snap Chat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube - how do you know where to spend your time and which social-media platform is going to be best for your business? In this fast-paced seminar, Keith "K.C." KoKoruz, will explore and explain all of the social-media... read more

Jeff Oatman

Friday 6:15pm

Win a customers trust in 10 seconds or less Leading customers to ask the right questions How to get the customer to close with a yes Advanced NLP language patterns How to interview subconscious mind! Facilitator: Jeff Oatman CI, CCC, AI (Stage Hypnotist name: Jeff West) Jeff has been... read more

Dikran Poladian

Surviving in the 21st century as a Digital DJ and how Pioneer DJ is there for you
Friday 6:15pm

The do's and dont's: choosing the right Setup from Hardware to Software to Laptop purchasing and configuration; Basic Troubleshooting and How Pioneer DJ easily integrates into any workflow. Bio: Dikran Poladian aka "DJ Mushin" Pioneer DJ Product Specialist & Trance Jedi Warrior As... read more

Tim Penner

Getting your Music in the Right Hands: Strategies to get your music heard
Friday 6:20pm

One of the hardest parts of the industry is getting noticed by the right people in order to get your music signed. Though the process may seem impossible at times, there are many steps an artist can take in order to cut through some of the major difficulties they face when trying to get their music... read more

Paul Rubino

How to Launch your First Photo Booth Rental Company
Saturday 9:00am

Rubino started his photo booth career in the rental industry by quickly launching two successful photo booth rental companies during his senior year at UB. Upon graduation Paul started his first modern photo booth sales company called Airbooths.com. Paul's invention of the folding Airbooth... read more

Paul Sanderson

The Law for DJs
Saturday 10:15am

Since being called to the Ontario bar in 1983, Paul has been in private practice and has practiced entertainment and arts law exclusively. He is currently a sole practitioner in the firm Sanderson Entertainment Law which is located in the upper beaches district in Toronto. For more information... read more

Jordan St Jacques

Marketing Automation Tools - making your workday easier!
Saturday 11:30am

Nightclub & DJ professionals are perhaps the most overworked segment of any industry today, and the challenges of todays Digital Marketing requirements present a big hurdle due to the lack of extra time in which to accomplish these tasks. This seminar will present a number of Marketing Automation... read more

Brian S Redd

Who are you trying to impress?
Saturday 12:45pm

When you do a mix, set up a light show, build a sound system, etc, who are you trying to impress? The client? the guests? or yourself? USA DJ, Brian S Redd, has made quite a name for himself in the DJ community by developing a vast social media network. This summer, his "Briansredd" YouTube... read more

Keith Kokoruz

The Science Of Marketing
Saturday 1:45pm

Why are you attracted to one logo more so than another? Why do you find yourself liking one TV commercial over another? Why do you like one magazine ad over another? Why does one company have more customers walking in their door? It's the Science of Marketing. In this fast paced seminar you will... read more


Saturday 1:50pm

JES will provide a one of a kind instructional seminar on singing during a live DJ performance, and do a live showcase of her original music. read more

DJ Shine

Exploring Creative Performance Possibilities with Ableton Live
Saturday 2:30pm

Explore the wide range of creative composition and performance techniques that Ableton live has to offer the live performer/DJ/producer. Ableton Certified Trainer Jason "Djshine" Spanu will demonstrate just how flexible Ableton can be in any environment. Topics covered. Starting from... read more

Bill Hermann

Creating Customer Experiences Part One
Saturday 3:00pm

Bill Hermann is also an very popular and sought after MC Wedding Entertainer, Master of Ceremonies, Speaker and Coach and has performed and/or spoken all over the US and the world from Australia to the UK. With over 30 years in the entertainment business, Bill has performed well over 1000... read more

Scott Faver

The Net-Worth Network
Saturday 4:00pm

The recipe to create your own network of event professionals that can offer a lifetime of referrals. read more

Bill Hermann

Creating Customer Experiences Part Two
Sunday 9:00am

Bill Hermann is also an very popular and sought after MC Wedding Entertainer, Master of Ceremonies, Speaker and Coach and has performed and/or spoken all over the US and the world from Australia to the UK. With over 30 years in the entertainment business, Bill has performed well over 1000... read more

Sid Vanderpoole

Big Fish Small Pond
Sunday 10:15am

Not only surviving, but growing your business in a rural area. Sid Vanderpool, Publisher of DJzone Magazine will walk you through proven methods that can take your DJ or event company to the next level even in the smallest of communities. This seminar is geared towards businesses of all sizes based... read more

Brian S Redd

Prepping for the Gig
Sunday 11:30am

Brian will discuss custom events, gear prep, & the effort DJ's put into their events before the contracted start time. USA DJ, Brian S Redd, has made quite a name for himself in the DJ community by developing a vast social media network. This summer, his "Briansredd" YouTube channel will... read more


Daft Science
Sunday 11:30am

The Remixing, Beat-matching and Mashups by Coins. Recently, Coins has taken the world by storm with Daft Science - a remix record combining the vocals from Beastie Boys with the music of Daft Punk. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn tips and tricks when combining sounds and using software... read more

Scott Faver

Game Day / Play Day
Sunday 12:30pm

Game philosophy and personalization.

Game creation. How? Why? What?

When to play, and make it pay. read more

Sid Vanderpoole

Got Game?
Sunday 2:30pm

Prepare to get interactive with the guy who wrote the book on games DJs play. Sid Vanderpool is bringing his team building and other fun interactive games to knock your next corporate or mitzvah out of the park. The bag of tricks will be opened up for everyone to see as the wizard behind the... read more

CDJ Show DJ Vekked and DJ Brace Turntablism 101 Seminar

Our 2017 seminar series will be on a wide array of topics ranging from live performance to business and career development. Some of the seminars cater to mobile DJs, some club DJs,producers, remixers, promoters, and others seminars will be applicable to all.

Our seminar presenters are respected industry professionals with years of experience, and travel to the show from across Canada & the U.S. to help you get the most out of your DJ career and/or business.

A random sample of some of our past seminars include:

  • Jay Porter - Studio Acoustics 101
  • Peter Merry - Celebritizing Your Clients
  • DJ Dopey & Dj Grouch - Live Hands-On Turntablism Training
  • Barry Kay & Jordan Zwicker - The Sparkle Factor
  • Michael Scott - Music Production and Remixing with Apple Logic Pro
  • Paul Sanderson - Business Entities and Tax Issues
  • Jim Norris - Self Promotion 101
  • Ray Martinez -Performance Beyond Expectation
  • C-Sik - Intermediate and Advanced Features in Serato DJ
  • DJ Anchor - Transitioning From DJ'ing As A Part Time Job Into A Career
  • Vickie Musni - Speaking Her Language; The 4 Dialects of Speaking "Bride"
  • Wes Straub - The Web for DJs: Power Up Your Brand and Business
  • Robe Pettigrew - Dynamic Colour effects using Uplighting and Lasers

...and many more

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