CDJ Show 2017 Seminar - Exploring Creative Performance Possibilities with Ableton Live

Presenter:DJ Shine
Title:Exploring Creative Performance Possibilities with Ableton Live
Organization:Erikson Audio
From:Toronto, CA

Explore the wide range of creative composition and performance techniques that Ableton live has to offer the live performer/DJ/producer.

Ableton Certified Trainer Jason "Djshine" Spanu will demonstrate just how flexible Ableton can be in any environment.

Topics covered.

  • Starting from scratch. Creative compositional choices that help you break the 'lazy patterns' and workflows of a linear world.
  • Arranging with an open mind. How to push the limits without committing.
  • Touring with Ableton. How to take a song from bedroom to stage and personalize it for every dance floor.
  • Creating a DJ set with Ableton and raising the creative bar.
  • Using custom controllers and integrating hardware sequencers and other outboard gear

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