CDJ Show 2017 Seminar - Surviving in the 21st century as a Digital DJ and how Pioneer DJ is there for you

Presenter:Dikran Poladian
Title:Surviving in the 21st century as a Digital DJ and how Pioneer DJ is there for you
Organization:Pioneer DJ Canada
From:Montreal, QC

The do's and dont's: choosing the right Setup from Hardware to Software to Laptop purchasing and configuration; Basic Troubleshooting and How Pioneer DJ easily integrates into any workflow.


Dikran Poladian aka "DJ Mushin" Pioneer DJ Product Specialist & Trance Jedi Warrior

As Product Specialist for Pioneer DJ Canada, DJ Mushin has coupled over 20 years of technology related experience with his DJ skills in assisting with resolving many of the issues that today's DJs face. He provides information for potential setup and configuration of Pioneer DJ products to outlets such as Moog Audio, Long & McQuade and the PA Shop, not to mention helping in the dissemination of information at the Pioneer DJ product demonstration booth found right here at the CDJ show.

From Circus Afterhours to The Pound, as a veteran of the Montreal underground scene, DJ Mushin's rise to success has been aided by numerous Trance events in Montreal and his loyal followers. He currently enjoys a residency at Paradise Outdoors Events as well as sits on the planning committee of Burning Man's Montreal event "taBURNak" where along with many others he helps bring the spirit of Black Rock City to Montreal.

He has played alongside local heroes like Frankie Madgenta, Marc Picard and DJ Forage as well as international stars like Simon Patterson and Jon O'Bir.

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