CDJ Show 2017 Seminar - Who are you trying to impress?

Presenter:Brian S Redd
Title:Who are you trying to impress?
From:Milwaukee, WI

When you do a mix, set up a light show, build a sound system, etc, who are you trying to impress? The client? the guests? or yourself?

USA DJ, Brian S Redd, has made quite a name for himself in the DJ community by developing a vast social media network. This summer, his "Briansredd" YouTube channel will celebrate its 10th year of bringing you free DJ tutorials, demonstrations, advice and how-to videos.

Brian is a staff writer for Disc Jockey News, but has also been recognized in various DJ publications both domestic and abroad, such as Mobile Beat, Pro Mobile, and most recently the January 2016 edition of DJ Times.

In 2011, Brian suffered a massive stroke that paralyzed his entire right side. Thru hard work, a positive attitude and the ability to adapt, he was on the road again in a matter of months. Today, he's still traveling worldwide to not only perform, but to educate and share industry ideas and concepts with his fellow DJs. To him, it's all about helping everyone become better DJs.

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