Club/Touring Schedule - Seminar Room 1 - Sponsored by Denon DJ

Here is the Seminar Room 1 schedule, sponsored by Denon DJ, primarily for Club & Touring DJs, from the registration opening on Friday, March 10th to the show closing and major prize giveaways Sunday evening, March 12th.

Note: There will be additional seminars and panels that may interest you in Seminar Room 1; that schedule will be confirmed and publicized in the coming days.

You will see the weekend overview first, and below that, the full schedule by room and event for each day.

Please Note: some time slots may be marked (TBA) as we confirm travel arrangements and topic details for some of our guests.

Check back before the show begins to see all of the latest updates on the complete schedule page.

Seminar Room 2 - primarily seminars for mobile and corporate DJs
Seminar Room 3 - primarily seminars for live performance DJs and producers

Weekend Overview


March 10th

11:00-6:00 Registration
10:00-6:30 Seminar Rooms
8:30-9:30 Networking Social Tundra Lobby Bar


March 11th

8:00-5:00 Registration
9:00-4:15 Seminar Rooms
3:00-6:00 GetSigned
4:00-6:00 Exhibit Hall Preview Full Pass & Guest Pass Holders only
4:00-6:00 Main Stage  
8:00-9:00 Networking Social Tundra Lobby Bar
9:00-4:00 Maison Mercer Toolroom Live w/Funkagenda


March 13th

8:00-5:00 Registration
9:00-5:30 Seminar Rooms
10:00-6:00 Main Stage
6:00 Prizes - Main Stage Full Pass holders only

Weekend Details

Friday, March 10th


Seminar Room 1

12:00-1:30 CDJ Icons Eddie Gordon with Early Young
1:30-2:00 Break  
2:00-4:00 Toolroom Academy Techno: Sound Design & Production with Funkagenda
4:00-4:10 Break  
4:10-5:10 Toolroom Academy Stuart Knight: From Demo to Record Deal
5:10-6:10 Toolroom Academy World Premier of Harry Romero Fader Pro Course Video (Everyone that attends will get a copy of the course to take home)
6:10-6:20 Break  
6:20-7:20 Tim Penner Getting your Music in the Right Hands: Strategies to get your music heard
8:30-9:30 Networking Social Tundra Lobby Bar

Saturday, March 11th


Seminar Room 1

11:00-12:20 CDJ Icons Ben Liebrand with host Eddie Gordon
12:30-1:50 CDJ Icons JES with host Eddie Gordon
1:50-2:50 JES Singing while performing as a DJ and Such A Long Time Remix Competition Winner Announcement
3:00-6:00 GetSigned Presented by & Toronto Producers Group (Toolroom, Hi Bias, PBR, DBR, Slideways, JOOF, Play Records, Play Deep, Dibgate, Karmic Power Records, Parliament House, China Club, Studio 10)
4:00-6:00 Exhibit Hall Preview  
12:00-6:00 MixZone  
8:00-9:00 Networking Social Tundra Lobby Bar
9:00-4:00 Maison Mercer Official After Party w/Funkagenda

Sunday, March 12th


Seminar Room 1

11:00-12:10 Digital Marketing Panel moderated by Michael Raine
12:10-12:20 Break  
12:20-1:35 Women in Dance Music moderated by Sarah Polonsky
1:35-2:35 Break  
2:35-4:00 Annual Industry Panel moderated by Nick Fiorucci
4:00-4:15 Break
4:30-5:50 Songwriting Panel moderated by Lenny Fontana
6:00 Prizes Main Stage