CDJ Show 2016 Seminar - Future Proofing for DJ's

Presenter:Sam Fleming
Title:Future Proofing for DJ's
Organization:Evolved Entertainment
From:Toronto, ON

The CDJ Show welcomes back Sam Fleming, Founder of Evolved Entertainment, a custom DJ Production Company from downtown Toronto, Canada. Sam is a DJ, MC and Event Producer and also Toronto Centre team leader for the CPDJA.

Sam started in theatre in the late 80's and then as a DJ on college radio in 1994. He then attended Ontario College of Art and Design, Canada's oldest art school known for exposing students to all forms of art, design and entertainment. Sam aka DJ Efsharp had his first events in the growing Toronto hip hop and rave scene of the 90's. Switching his focus on special events at the turn of the century, he has since committed to keep learning with WPIC, GWIC and Destination Wedding training.

Technology and new formats have always pushed DJ's to change with the times. In a very crowded DJ market in downtown Toronto, Sam Fleming of Evolved Entertainment has found that by staying true to yourself as an artist you can find clients that understand your value and pay a premium for it. Connecting with people that understand DJ culture and appreciate what Evolved offers allows their entertainers to offer the highest quality for each show.

Assisting Sam with demonstations will be Toronto veteran club and mobile DJ's Sean Caff and Mike Luke. They will share their insights of how they have stayed true to their craft, different from the rest and keep pushing themselves to expand their abilities.

Sam and his team will demonstrate how they use Music Videos, Key matching and core DJ skills to keep expanding and staying relevant in changing times. Future proofing is built into many industries to avoid becoming obsolete. By attending the CDJ Show, your education is part of this professionalism. Sam and his team will share how they learn from each DJ of the past to prepare their best for what's possible in the future.

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