CDJ Show 2016 Seminar - Being the diverse DJ with Ethnic Music Part 1

Presenter:David Beal
Title:Being the diverse DJ with Ethnic Music Part 1
Organization:Music Unlimited DJ Service
From:Toronto, ON

Each city has become a melting pot of many different ethnic backgrounds that give your city a lot of character. You have little communities inside one large community that makes up your great city. Having the ability to be diverse in the sense of coming outside of your comfort zone can be rewarding in generating new business and a new learning of a culture or cultures that you may never have been exposed to before. Having said this many couples are now getting married to people that have the same background or people with a different background entirely. Stepping up to the plate to challenge yourself to provide your services to these types of potential clients can give you the opportunity to generate more money and experience different types of music as it relates to the event. In this seminar you will learn the steps to get you started and prepare you for the next step in the process.

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