CDJ Show 2016 Seminar - Being the diverse DJ with Ethnic Music Part 2

Presenter:David Beal
Title:Being the diverse DJ with Ethnic Music Part 2
Organization:Music Unlimited DJ Service
From:Toronto, ON

Getting a total culture exposure can be rewarding, in part two of this seminar I will go over my experience and the ways I have learned to educate myself in terms of research to make my clients event a successful one. There are lots of resources that you can access if you are up for the challenge to keep you up with the times of change that may affect your business and area that you operate out of. We will look at the steps and tools needed for the event to happen. I will show you samples of different types of music and the traditions that may be show cased at the event and how it relates to the couple and their guests. Each company will have a different scenario with respects to culture asides from the normal mainstream events that you are comfortable with.

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