CDJ Show 2016 Seminar - Digital Marketing: Lead Generation

Presenter:Jordan St Jacques & Kevin Kaye
Title:Digital Marketing: Lead Generation
Organization:Digitera Interactive
From:Ottawa, ON

Your customers are out there, and can be identified by their online activities. Learn how to spot newly engaged Brides before they end up at the Bridal Show, or find Corporate Christmas parties that have gone bad due to a terrible DJ so that you can chase the gig for next year. Develop strategies for "Lead Gen Traps" and let customers come to you. Most importantly, learn how to extend your website SEO with more aggressive Inbound SEO strategies (including Local SEO), so that your company is ranking #1 on Google for your target keywords.

Jordan St Jacques Bio - Coming from a career as a DJ and Nightclub Promoter, Jordan is one of the early pioneers of digital marketing anywhere in the world. While working in the USA independently and for Viacom & LiveNation, he was one of the first people in the world to take a MySpace profile over 1,000,000 Friends back in 2004...and has been producing similar results ever since!

Kevin Kaye Bio - Kevin has a background in the nightclub DJ world, and as a next-level remixer for Hot Tracks as well. You may have heard his work while listening to Akon's syndicated remix show, as he was the producer. During his former career, Kevin morphed into the digital world, becoming a top-notch digital marketer and also a mobile game developer as well.

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