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Toolroom Academy at the Canadian DJ Show

The Toolroom Academy was officially launched in November 2015. After over a decade of finding new artists, dominating Beatport and touring the world with live shows, it felt time for Toolroom to pass some of the knowledge and experience the label had gained.

An educational arm of the international brand, the Toolroom Academy aims to equip producers and DJs with the skills to build their creativity and careers within the dance music scene. Unlike many of the other educational programmes out there, the Toolroom Academy only uses tutors who are successful artists in their own right - producers and DJs who have released with the label and seen major success in their own careers.

Initially a suite of online production courses launched in conjunction with Faderpro, the Toolroom Academy is now proud to be partnering with Akai Professional and the Canadian DJ Show in bringing the Academy to a live audience for the first time.

'Nurturing talent is what we do best, so we?re ready to translate and pass on some of this A&R knowledge with the Toolroom Academy. If you want to learn how to make the kind of music we stand for and release, this is the place to come.' - Mark Knight

Toolroom Live details coming soon.

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Programme - Friday 10 March

2:00-4:00 Funkagenda Techno Production and Sound Design
  • Techno: Production Masterclass
  • The essentials of sound design
4:10-5:10 Stuart Knight From demo to record deal.
  • Understanding the process of getting your tracks from your console to the world's leading labels
  • Dance music career guidance from an inside perspective.
5:10-6:10 Faderpro Worldwide Premiere Video
  • Exclusive first play of Harry "Choo Choo" Romero's Faderpro course
  • All attendees will get a free copy to take home.
  • 1 on 1 with Funkagenda winner selected from the audience.
6:10-8:10 Funkagenda 1 on 1 with Funkagenda
  • 1 on 1 studio time with Funkagenda
  • Bring your laptop so that if you are selected, you can work on the project of your choice!
How to win: Stay tuned for details.

About the speakers


From the early roots of his West Midland's studio, to pioneering releases through reputed major labels, Funkagenda's stamp on dance music can be felt across Europe, North, Central & South America, the Middle East, Australia, Russia and Japan. A devoted passion for music, alongside an embrace of...

Stuart Knight

Stuart Knight established Toolroom Records in 1993. Alongside his DJ/Producer brother Mark Knight, he has shaped Toolroom into one of the leading independent dance companies in the world - launching the careers of some of today's key electronic music artists in the process. More recently Stuart...