Events - In Rotation with DMC Canada presented by Pioneer DJ

Side A - Turntablism 101

Facilitated by DJ Shiftee

Whether you are new to the genre of "turntablism" or an experienced DJ looking for some tips to take it to the next level, you do not want to miss this this event! Catch the DMC Canada "Turntablism 101" seminar presented by Pioneer DJ, with special guest instructor, NYC's, DJ Shiftee! The two-time DMC World Champion will "scratch" you through the fundamentals of turntablism from the perspective of a highly-accomplished DJ and instructor at New York's prestigious Dubspot Electronic Music Production and DJ School.

Side B - The Industry Breakdown

Featuring Starting From Scratch, Dr. Jay "De Soca Prince", Nick Holder and DJ Grouch

DMC Canada has assembled a round-table of some of Canada's most notorious DJs in their respective genres including Starting from Scratch, Dr. Jay "De Soca Prince", Nick Holder and DJ Grouch. You have heard them holding it down on the airwaves, at some of the hottest events and in the cut, now it is your turn to ask them questions in a relaxed environment. Join us for "The Industry Breakdown" - presented by Pioneer DJ, as we discuss tips and techniques on how to take your career as a DJ to the next level!

Attend "In Rotation with DMC Canada" Presented by Pioneer DJ - For Your Chance to win a Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Turntable (Black)

Attendees of In Rotation with DMC Canada - Presented by Pioneer DJ -will have a chance to win a Pioneer DJ PLX-500 turntable! Upon entry to the seminar room, you will be provided a raffle ticket with a unique number. At the end of The Industry Breakdown seminar a random ballot will be drawn. To win, you must be present at the end of the 2-hour seminar for the draw. If you are not present, a new ballot will be drawn and your prize will be forfeited.

Starting From Scratch

Revered as one of the top 100 most powerful people in music, DJ Starting from Scratch is considered by many, to be one of the greatest DJs on the planet. Heard across country twice daily and on Saturday nights on Virgin Radio Canada, Scratch continues to push the creative envelope, inspiring a... read more

DJ Grouch

Born in Panama, Central America, the Toronto Native has always been around music. His love for Hip Hop started at the early age of 10, b-boying outside with his neighborhood friends. Realizing he wasn't going to be the next member of the Rock Steady Crew, he began to focus more on the art of... read more

Nick Holder

Nick Holder is a DJ & producer from Toronto, Canada and the owner of DNH Records. One of the most respected producers in the history of underground house music, Holder's recordings span a sound range from deep disco vibes, to minimal Chicago-style house. Some of his early influences came from the... read more

Dr Jay

When it comes to Canada's Caribbean music scene, Dr. Jay is considered Soca royalty. With his vast musical talents and ongoing recognition for his experience in building Soca's nightlife culture over the past 25 years of his career, 'De Soca Prince' is undisputed as the nation's #1 Soca DJ. He... read more

DJ Shiftee

NYC's Shiftee is one of the most dynamic and innovative DJs on the planet, electrifying crowds from NYC to London to Tokyo with his unique blend of turntablism, new technology, and exquisite musical curation. With over a decade of dancefloor experience, 2 distinct DMC World Championship titles and... read more