CDJ Show 2015 Seminar - Liquid Rhythm: Beat Making

Presenter:Saro Migirdicyan Haig Beylerian and Jason Spanu
Title:Liquid Rhythm: Beat Making
From:Toronto, CA

Liquid Rhythm is a powerful beat generator, sequencer, and software controller for MIDI-based music production that provides instant access to quadrillions of rhythmic patterns.

In this seminar, the presenters will walk the audience through several of Liquid Rhythm's features including core concepts and its role in your home studio.

Presenter Bios:

Saro Migirdicyan

Starting with WaveDNA in 2011, Saro Migirdicyan has been an integral part in the development of Liquid Rhythm. Beginning as a Software Developer, he is now WaveDNA's User Experience Manager.

Saro graduated from Ryerson University with a B.Sc. in Computer Science and the Harris Institute with a diploma in Audio Production. He also brings his extensive technological knowledge and percussion background to his own work as an electronic music producer.

Haig Beylerian

Haig Beylerian has been with WaveDNA for two and a half years as a Writer and User Experience Consultant. In this role he authors the comprehensive User Manual as well as QuickStart and instructional guides. After studying Liberal Arts at Seneca College, Haig attended Dalhousie University and graduated with a Bachelor's in Music Performance. In addition to WaveDNA, Haig works as a professional musician. He plays guitar, drums, piano, and produces electronic music.

Jason Spanu

Since the early 90s, Jason "DJ Shine" Spanu has been a key player in Canada’s electronic music scene. As a band member and Ableton programmer, he has toured the globe with artists like Nelly Furtado, Frank Ocean, Drake, and Broken Bells. Jason has been with WaveDNA for two years as an Application Specialist and Consultant. At the Canadian DJ Show, Jason will also be presenting the "Ableton – Basic" and "Ableton – Advanced" seminars.

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