CDJ Show 2015 Seminar - Lifelong Professional Development

Presenter:Sam Fleming
Title:Lifelong Professional Development
Organization:Evolved Entertainment
From:Toronto, CA

How many different professions are rolled into what a DJ does? The potential for our learning knows no bounds!

The history of the disc jockey can reveal how far the art and science of being a DJ has come by looking at the development of this trade over the last century. A professional DJ whether they are based in the club, radio or special events has a wide variety of skills that use to bring their shows together. Over the decades the DJ has been a stylist, a selector, a motivator, an innovator, a musician, a dancer, a comedian, a narrator, voice over artist, audio editor, entertainer, AV technician, event planner, as well as an entrepreneur. This is easily proven by asking various DJ's how they got their start as their entry points are diverse. In this seminar Sam will look at where the DJ has come from to see where it will be going in the future.

Samuel Peter Fleming (also known as Efsharp) runs a DJ, VJ, MC and AV company called Evolved Entertainment since 2009. Sam now has a decade of self-employment as a performer. Sam has shared the stage with artists ranging from rappers Maestro Fresh Wes, Flo Rida, Shad K and Guru with Jazzmatazz, to DJ's like Skratch Bastid, DJ Dopey, Mayer Hawthorne and Dinamo Azari to live acts like Dragonette, Sam Roberts, Keys and Krates, the Arkells. In the recording studio he has worked with many artists including B.O.B. Luciano, Blessed, Lenn Hammond and Azari and III.

In the 80's as a youth Sam started with press pause tapes on a ghettoblaster while training as theatre and film actor and starting to play guitar. By 1994 he took the DJ trade seriously through mentors at CKCU in Ottawa. He played his first show on-air, and then in clubs the next year. In Toronto he kept developing at CKLN and CIUT. Sam has a BFA from OCAD, as well as Bachelor of Education. He is also a CPDJA and WPIC member.

As a case in point to this year's topic, Sam's various jobs in entertainment have ranged from cook, caterer, bartender, Long and McQuade rentals and sales, promoter, club DJ, rapper, AV technician, boom operator, location recordist, radio host, tutor, teacher, recording studio owner/operator, live sound engineer, music producer, to musical director and lead DJ of Toronto Fashion Week.

Sam is on Twitter and Instagram at @DJEfsharp and @EvolvedEnt and also at

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