CDJ Show 2015 Seminar - The 1% Solution

Presenter:Randy Bartlett
Title:The 1% Solution
Organization:Premier Entertainment and Video
From:Sacramento, CA

In 2002, Randy Bartlett introduced to the DJ world The 1% Solution, a simple method of making small changes in our performance, as little as 1%, which can create an entirely different result – cheers instead of silence, applause instead of boredom, laughter instead of groans, dancing instead of sitting. In this updated version of that original 1% Solution seminar, Randy will lead you on a fun journey from your opening announcement through the finale, showing you fun, easy techniques which will have your phone ringing with direct referral business from clients willing to pay a premium price for your extraordinary service.

Since 1988, Randy Bartlett has been the owner of Premier Entertainment in Sacramento, CA. A full time entertainer and Wedding Entertainment Director®, specializing in weddings, his referral based business has his clients paying him substantially above the average rate of DJs in his market.

One of the most recognized and sought-after speakers for the DJ profession, he’s presented his educational and entertaining seminars to standing room only crowds at Mobile Beat, DJ Expo, The Las Vegas DJ Show, ADJA, ARMDJs, NACE, AfWPI and DJ gatherings in the U.S. and abroad.

He’s the producer of the acclaimed 1% Solution series of seminars and DVDs, and is a member of the Wedding Entertainment Directors Guild™ and the ADJA and has been featured in the books “The Best Wedding Reception…EVER!” “The Mobile DJ Handbook,” “Mind Your Own Business” and “Performance Beyond Expectation.”

Randy also conducts Workshops on Microphone skills which consistently sell out, with attendees raving about the new results they achieve with the simple techniques they learn.

Prior to his career as a mobile DJ, he spent 15 years in sales, with 10 years in sales management & sales training and was a nationally recognized and award winning salesman. More information is available at

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