CDJ Show 2015 Seminar - How To Write A Great Wedding Script

Presenter:Liz Daley
Title:How To Write A Great Wedding Script
Organization:The WED Guild
From:Williamsburg, VA

Former WED Guild® President and Accredited Bridal Consultant™, Liz Daley, who holds a degree in Directing for the Stage, will share her insights on how to create a great script for your next wedding. The wedding agenda or timeline is actually a script, and a script is much more comprehensive than just “times” and “what’s happening”. Liz will share with you how to organize, plan and direct amazing weddings by utilizing established rules of the theatre including set design, staging, rehearsing, scripting, pacing and performance. She will also share how to effectively collaborate with other wedding professionals and manage your event while keeping everyone on the same page.

Elisabeth Scott Daley lives in Williamsburg, VA with her husband, Steve, and their three furry children…Dani, Tux, and Kaboodle. She holds of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from the Boston Conservatory of Music. She was a working Actress/Entertainer in New York and abroad for over 10 years. She has been entertaining as a DJ/MC since 2003 and she helped develop the WED Guild® Application Process as a member of the Advisory Board of Directors in 2007. She’s the first female entertainer to earn the prestigious title of Wedding Entertainment Director®. She also holds the advanced designation of Accredited Bridal Consultant from the Association of Bridal Consultant. She served as the President of the WED Guild® from 2010 to 2014 and was responsible for getting the title of Wedding Entertainment Director® officially trademarked by the USPTO. She is a co-facilitator with Peter Merry in the Make It GRAND! Workshops and has already trained over 100 DJs from across the United States and around the world.

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