CDJ Show 2015 Seminar - Speaking Her Language: The 4 Dialects of Speaking Bride

Presenter:Vickie Musni
Title:Speaking Her Language: The 4 Dialects of Speaking Bride
Organization:Ever After Creations
From:Reno, NV

Have you ever wondered why you seem to “click” with some potential clients immediately, and not with others? Have you noticed that the same sales pitch may resonate with one client but leave another hesitant and unsure? In this talk you will learn the secrets of quickly identifying the personalities of clients you meet and gain insights into the needs of each personality type allowing you to know what each most wants to hear.

In this session we will: - Define the 4 personality types and the primary characteristics of each one. - Learn to identify personality traits in ourselves and others. - Apply these techniques to specific situations with clients, particularly brides.?- Practice speaking to the unique needs of a client based on the communication style most effective for her personality type.

Vickie Musni is a Certified Personality Trainer and the author of the new book, Personalities for Business. She and her husband Craig founded Ever After Creations in 1996 just a few months after they were married. While her role in the business has evolved and changed many times over the past 18 years, she is passionate about building relationships with clients, employees and colleagues alike. ??Applying what she knows about the personalities to her company has revolutionized their business by increasing sales and improving relationships. Vickie loves sharing the power of personalities with others and presents regularly to local, national, and international professional groups and organizations. Vickie has also been a contributing writer for magazines such as MomSense (MOPS International), WedLock, DJ Pulse, and Mobile Beat. When she takes a break from business responsibilities she can often be found volunteering at church, her kids' schools and with other community groups.

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