CDJ Show 2014 Seminar - Intermediate and Advanced Features in Serato DJ

Title:Intermediate and Advanced Features in Serato DJ
Organization:Beat Drop
From:Calgary, AB

Come see how a Redbull Thre3style champ uses and puts his set together and uses the new features in Serato DJ. From configuring midi controllers to using the new Izotope powered FX, Serato DJ has a tonne of new features that Scratch Live users will love. C-Sik will show how he likes his setup and integrates NI’s Maschine to his favourite features including Real Time Slip Mode, the Remote Control iPad app, the newly improved cues and loops and a few more.

Rick Cruz aka DJ C-Sik is the current Redbull Thre3style Alberta Champ, a 3-time Calgary DMC champ and is one of Western Canada's most sought after hip-hop, R&B and party rockin' DJs. With over 15 years of experience behind the decks, he's your guy if you are looking to get into hip-hop, turntablism or funk. From advanced mixing techniques to Serato DJ knowledge to mastering turntablism techniques C-Sik brings to Beat Drop a world class skill set.

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