CDJ Show 2013 Seminar - The Annual Industry Panel

Moderator:Nick Fiorucci
Title:The Annual Industry Panel
Organization:RES Entertainment/zipDJ
From:Toronto, ON

This annual feature is a panel of music industry experts moderated by Nick Fiorucci (Hi-Bias Records, zipDJ) and includes national and international experts at the top of their field.

The panel discussion will focus on topics critical to the success of the Canadian crop of upcoming professional DJs, producers and artists.

If you are looking to get access to those elusive next level gigs, break into the scene with your original productions or a establish a label for your work or the work of other artists, this is a once a year opportunity to listen to the some of the world's most experience professionals, and just as importantly, get your questions answered by the pros.

The 2013 Panel Includes:
  • Sonny Wharton
  • Debra Eriksen
  • Eddie Gordon
  • Nick Fiorucci

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