CDJ Show 2013 Seminar - Guerrilla Marketing for the Mobile DJ of 2013 and beyond....

Presenter:Alan Dodson
Title:Guerrilla Marketing for the Mobile DJ of 2013 and beyond....
Organization:Top Gun DJ & Wedding Workshops
From:Bristol, TN

Guerrilla Marketing has been described in many ways. Some think it is a sneaky way to do business, or to utilize unethical practices, but simply put, it is to achieve conventional goals utilizing unconventional methods, primarily investing energy instead of money. It also becomes a business and sales philosophy, for winners.

Because of the downsizing of American companies, easy access to technology and the entrepreneurial spirit, people around the world are moving to small business in huge numbers. It also seems that where ever you turn, everyone is a DJ these days, but not everyone is capable of operating a successful business. The failures of small business startups is at a record pace and one of the top reasons for failure is the absence of the ability to effectively market those businesses.

The ability to use Guerrilla marketing to develop your DJ business is an action plan that can be easily understood and undeniably inexpensive. Plus, it will give YOU a wonderfully unfair advantage on your competition. It will bring clarity in a cloudy world, and economy in a time that you need it the most. It will give you the power to be a leader in your market, but you must understand what you must become in order to be that leader. This one hour seminar, which is a small preview of the Top Gun Level 2 Workshop, will guide you in the right direction.

Alan Dodson began his DJ career in 1972 on the radio in Northern Michigan and now specializes in weddings. He has been a sales and marketing professional for most of his adult life and owns and operates a 28 year running regional bridal show, recently opened a wedding/events venue with his wife and teaches and consults Nationally and Internationally with DJ's and other event professionals with his Top Gun Weddings Workshops to help them excel in their local markets. Alan is recognized nationwide for his expertise in social media, sales and marketing and for consulting with business owners to increase their productivity and profits.

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