CDJ Show 2013 Seminar - Video Mixing / MIDI DJ Applications

Presenter:DJ Anchor
Title:Video Mixing / MIDI DJ Applications
Organization:Bumsquad DJz
From:Saskatoon, SK

Part 1: Video Mixing w/ Mix Emergency & .QTZ Overlays
Basic Set Up: Video Adapters From Macbook Pro, Screen Mirroring, Outputs, Video Mixers
Content: Where do I Get It? What format? What programs can I use to edit? Video Mixing w/ Mix Emergency: .QTZ Overlays & Quartz Composer, Text Overlays, Twitter Overlays, Custom Transitions (w/ Dj/Company Logo) & Video Beat Grid FX

Part 2: Midi Dj Apps For Serato/Ableton/Video w/ Sonic Logic

Creating Your Own Custom Template, Editing & Midi Mapping in Serato, Mix Emergency, Ableton using Sonic Logic + iPad to control your Audio & Video Set Up.

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