CDJ Show 2013 Seminar - Being The Diverse DJ With Ethnic Music

Presenter:David Beal
Title:Being The Diverse DJ With Ethnic Music
Organization:Music Unlimited DJ Service
From:Toronto, ON

Being the diverse DJ with Ethnic Music

Part 1

Each city has become a melting pot of many different ethnic backgrounds that give your city a lot of character. You have little communities inside one large community that makes up your great city. Having the ability to be diverse in the sense of coming outside of your comfort zone can be rewarding in generating new business and a new learning of a culture or cultures that you may never have been exposed to before. Having said this many couples are now getting married to people that have the same background or people with a different background entirely. Stepping up to the plate to challenge yourself to provide your services to these types of potential clients can give you the opportunity to generate more money and experience different types of music as it relates to the event. Couples are not always looking for someone from their background to be the DJ for the Wedding reception or event. What they are looking for is someone who can accommodate them with their services and possibly play some ethnic music that most of the time can be supplied by the client. Having the ability to know that some cultures also have some traditions that would be done at the reception and games that can be played at the event would be an asset. By asking the client when they contact you what they are looking for and if you know some background on their culture, it makes it easy for the client to feel comfortable with you and your DJ Service. For example an Asian wedding, you could ask the Bride how many dress changes will be taking place or are they having a traditional Chinese banquet in terms of the food. This gives the client an indication that you know and have experience thus giving them that comfort level they are looking for.

Part 2

Getting a total culture exposure can be rewarding, in part two of this seminar I will go over my experience and the ways I have learned to educate myself in terms of research to make my clients event a successful one. There are lots of resources that you can access if you are up for the challenge to keep you up with the times of change that may affect your business and area that you operate out of. We will look at the steps and tools needed for this event to happen. Each company will have a different scenario with respects to culture asides from the normal mainstream events that are comfortable with.

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