CDJ Show 2013 Seminar - Upcoming Virtual DJ Release Preview

Presenter:Adam Whytall
Title:Upcoming Virtual DJ Release Preview
Organization:Atomix, Virtual DJ
From:Toronto, ON

Bio: Adam Whytall has gained notoriety as an elite DJ and key player in the digital DJing and production worlds, as well as being an accomplished controllerist.

As a member of the Virtual DJ Team, he is continually on the cutting edge of the latest DJ technology and trends. His experience within Atomix Productions gives him the ability to work with different controllers integrated with the software and provide technical assistance and valued trouble shooting techniques as well as teaching users the fundamentals of the software.

Adam is an accomplished club and mobile DJ with 16 years experience in the field and is the owner/operator of his own business, Nite Shift Entertainment. His attention to detail and organizational skills continually prove to be an asset to his clients' needs as well as being a valuable resource to all other professionals working the same event or venue.

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