CDJ Show 2012 Seminar - How To Install Codecs

Presenter:Gai Marcos
Title:How To Install Codecs
From:Brampton, ON

Important Seminar Note

Unfortunately Gai Marcos will not be able to present his scheduled seminars as he has had to attend to personal matters outside the country.

His first scheduled seminar, How to Install Codecs will be presented instead by Barak Marcos, also from Tricerasoft

His second scheduled seminar, How to Configure MIDI Controllers has been replaced by and extension of Tom Haibeck's popular seminar The Power of Publicity

Introducing subjects that cover how to use your entertainment computer and what happens "when" rather than just "what" to use. Presenting the future topics for the next Canadian Computer Show. This 2 part seminar will cover two key subjects; How to install CODECS and when are they are needed, How to map your MIDI controller - when is this needed

What Are Codecs?

The Codec is used in Windows to support new multimedia formats. Installing the correct Codec is key to performance and installing the wrong one will cause playback issues and conflicts. This vital information will prepare you for future formats. We will focus on Codecs for Videos.

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