CDJ Show 2012 Seminar - Make It Happen

Presenter:Brandon Lindsey
Title:Make It Happen
Organization:Hey! Mr. DJ Entertainment LLC
From:Cincinnati, OH

Brandon will share three valuable performance concepts that have become a motto for his company and the foundation for its success. These concepts are applied at the event. Once the planning is finished and the lights come on at your event, these three mantras will prepare you for a dominating performance, inspire you to reach greater results on the night of the event and help you to build client relationships that create massive praise and referrals for years to come. This inspiring and informative presentation will feature real life examples that you can use at your events tomorrow.

Bio: - Brandon is the co-owner of Hey! Mr. DJ, Entertainment LLC, an award winning DJ company in Cincinnati Ohio. He was a featured speaker in Las Vegas at the ADJA National Convention in 2011. In 2006 he was named a wedding expert by the Cincinnati Bride and Groom Planner. For the past 5 years he has been the wedding forum moderator at the world?s largest online DJ information portal. Brandon was the president of the Cincinnati ADJA for 4 years. Brandon is an Alumni of The Professional Process, Marbecca MC Workshop, The Entertainment Experience workshop and Jeffery Jenna?s comedy school. . Brandon is a contributor to the book ?The Best Wedding Reception Ever? by Peter Merry. Brandon is a husband and a father of two boys.

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