CDJ Show 2012 Seminar - Entertainment Law

Presenter:Paul Sanderson
Title:Entertainment Law
Organization:Sanderson Entertainment Law
From:Toronto, ON


1. Contracts:
• What needs to be considered?
• What is not essential?
• Specifics on wording! What protections should be there to protect the customers?
• The perils of not having a written contract.

2. Liability Insurance:
• What problems face DJs who don't have insurance and come up against litigation?

3. Copyright laws:
• copying music (AVLA)

4. Tax laws :
• The laws often ignored by DJs/entertainers.

5. Employee vs. Sub-contractor:
• What is a sub-contractor, what is an employee at law?
• Why is this important?

6. Non-Compete agreements:
• How useful, enforceable, protective is this agreement?
• What should be included or avoided in this agreement?

* One hour with lawyer Paul Sanderson, author of the book "Musicians and the Law in Canada". *

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