CDJ Show 2010 Seminar - Getting to Know Karaoke

Presenter:Len Montford
Title:Getting to Know Karaoke
Organization:Allstar Karaoke
From:Winnipeg, MB

Given the fact Karaoke has risen in popularity rapidly, Len Montford discusses:

a) How did it came about,
b) What road blocks has it overcome,
c) What attempts are still being made to hamper it’s progress,
d) What improvements have made it more entertaining, and
e) Why does it appeal to audiences of all ages?

Some answers may surprise you, but knowing them may help avoid future problems.

Secondly, Len will look at what the prime differences are between the Disc Jockey Host and the Karaoke Host?

Know the answers and be prepared should you ever desire to add “KARAOKE” to your performances. It may mean the difference between getting a booking or not and it can be an excellent supplement to your income. The use and misuse of some equipment functions and the relatively low cost and simple procedure to add Karaoke to their show is in the seminar as well.

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