CDJ Show 2010 Seminar - How to Build an Effective Marketing System and Put It On Auto Pilot

Presenter:Mark Imperial
Title:How to Build an Effective Marketing System and Put It On Auto Pilot
From:Chicago, Illinois

DJ Entertainers need this vital information now more than ever…this according to Mark Imperial, a celebrated and recognized industry authority on marketing and performance for DJ Entertainers, the creator of The DJs Edge: Marketing System For DJ Entertainers, co-author of “The Ultimate Success Secret” with Marketing Guru Dan Kennedy, and radio host of “The Entrepreneur’s Edge” on 560WIND in Chicago, IL USA.

Mark is a fun, upbeat, and entertaining speaker. In his talks, you will discover:

• How To Finally Answer The “How Much Do You Charge?” Question, Once-and-for-all
• How To Build An Effective Marketing System and Put It On Auto-Pilot
• How Booking A DJ Has Changed Permanently In This Economy And What You Must Do To Grab All The Gigs You Want
• How To Grab Your Prospects’ Attention In The Age Of Advertising And Marketing Overload
• What Causes People To Request Information, But Fail To Book Yo --, And How To Fix It For Good
• How To Dramatically Increase The Power Of Your Ads
• How To Get Prospects To Chase YOU Instead Of You Chasing Them
• How To Remove Yourself From Price Competition Permanently
• Case Studies From Successful DJ Entertainers Who Use Mark’s Easy-to-use Methods In Different Parts Of The World
• The #1 Marketing Tool That Fixes Many Of The Problems DJs Have In Getting Sales

Mark Imperial and his system have received the American Disc Jockey Award of Excellence along with critical acclaim from veteran DJ Entertainers around the world.

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