CDJ Show 2017 Guest - Gobs The Zombie

The world's most charismatic dead man. Gobs is a music producer, performance artist, and one of the worlds best open format DJs. He has developed a strong cult following in North America, which is rapidly expanding across the globe, largely due to the popularity of his monthly podcast, Dead Air, broadcasted on Digitally imported’s Electro and DJMixes streams. Gobs has a huge rapport with his fans. He communicates regularly through his music blog, Dead Kids Get Lively, and his Soundcloud is consistently updated with multi-genre mix sets, remixes, and original productions. Pop music sensibilities, and a past rooted in 90?s Rave culture combine with a flare for experimentation, and a persistent obsession with the future. Gobs might just end up changing the sound of modern electronic music.


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