CDJ Show 2017 Guest - Eddie Gordon

"There are certain things, events, companies and especially people who have shaped the dance music world that we DJs (and the music listening public) know and love. Without these historical contributing factors, the importance of dance music in our lives may not be as profound, the radio we listen to could be lacklustre at best and the current digital dynamic for music distribution and sales would not be as elevated. I could list contributing individuals on just two hands - and one of those people is Eddie Gordon.

Pioneer, icon, innovator, legend – all these apply to Eddie. On top of this he is one of the most philosophical of thinkers, possessing an almost emphatic ability to detect emotions in others and is a peaceful, gentle-natured human being and loving Father too. Beyond how far any DJ or music lover could possibly imagine, Eddie Gordon has so influenced and shaped this 21st century musical world we enjoy and, in my firm and humble opinion, more than just about any one person connected with the 'industry' alive today."

Paul Dakeyne - Denon UK (DV 247 Mag article)


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