CDJ Show 2017 Guest - DJ Buddha

For about 20 years, DJ Buddha has been very involved in the DJ scene. Starting out in Mississauga & Hamilton playing various bars and clubs for the first 10 years of his career, he learned what different demographics demanded. Rooted in hip hop music originally, he gradually learned to expand his horizons and is known for being his own perfectionist, while trying his best to master his abilities to cover a very wide variety of genres.

After catching a break and becoming a resident DJ for KISS 92.5 in 2012 in Toronto, he mixed shows and did live to air broadcasts for a few years before changing markets yet again.

In 2014 he took over Friday Mornings and with Dave Blezard on Barrie Ontario's B101.  For over 2 years he mixed, what was one of the most popular mix shows in the region, 'The Friday Hype Mix'.  The success of this show translated into a drive-show in 2016 shared with some of the region’s best DJ's called 'The Hit Mix At 6'.

At the same time, he also did a show on Kitchener Ontario's 91.5 The Beat called 'The Midday Mixdown' which aired at noon every Monday for 6 months with the region’s best DJs taking over other days in the week.  Currently, DJ Buddha contributes to a Saturday night mix show called 'Club 9-1-5' which airs with him once a month from 9 PM - 10 PM.

When Barrie's B101 changed formats in July of 2016, his success was noted and he was given 3 mix shows on their sister station 93.1 Fresh Radio.

On top of being a DJ who's constantly busy with mix shows, he's an established Xtendamix editor and an Official Xtendamix VJ.

Catch DJ Buddha on 93.1 Fresh Radio every Monday & Friday from 6  - 7 PM on the 'Hit Mix at 6', Saturday Nights from 10 PM - Midnight  on the 'Weekend Hit Mix', and once a month on 91.5 The Beat from 9 PM to 10 PM on 'Club 9-1-5'.

His shows and schedule can be found on his 'DJ Buddha' Facebook page.


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