CDJ Show 2017 Guest - Cenk

Cenk as Jake Koseleci was born in eastern Turkey's Black Sea coast with his formative years in Istanbul and Toronto.

He has founded tech companies, produced feature films, studied philosophy up to the PhD level at the University of Toronto and has recently turned to the psychedelic practices of eastern shamans and mystics.

His music is informed by his love of all genre of music, film and popular culture, often combining hip-hop break beats with symphonic new wave, Eastern and African drum batteries and the occasional improvised vocal musings and blurts that are processed and mixed on the fly so that each performance is never repeated, relishing the ancient and novel sounds of human being.

His performance centers on Ableton Push triggered samples processed and layered with live keyboard, percussion and marimba playing. hosts his blog, live music, film, and visual art while he hosts the podcast Turtles All The Way Down on iTunes and YouTube.

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