CDJ Show 2017 Guest - CUETWO

Cuetwo has been passionately mixing progressive and deep house since 2012. They have appeared at many major venues (i.e. The Hoxton, The Guvernment, Maison Mercer) within Toronto, Ontario. Having the opportunity to work with major corporations such as Embrace and Heineken; In 2014, Heineken supported their track "Barrage" in the Heineken Green Room episodes on DJ Magazine Canada. Their original tracks have continued to receive recognition by being Nominated for Best Dance Track of 2017 at the IPMA's (International Portuguese Music Awards) for their track "Need Your Love" ft. Jay Perez. This duo's mission is to give endless memories with every track released. Having this as their guide to move forward, they've also been influenced by artists such as Amand Van Helden, Calvin Harris, and Dzeko & Torres. These two will soon shine in the spotlight; as they will set the bar to the next level of a new sound, that you won't forget.


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