CDJ Show 2016 Guest - Tim Penner

There are very few artists that consistently deliver music that redefines the boundaries of creativity and depth, yet Tim continually pushes the limits to create innovative, crowd-pleasing sounds. His work with industry-leaders is a testament to the respect he has earned with countless chart-topping success. His remix of Max Graham’s classic track 'Airtight' has been selected as one of Beatport's Top 10 Best Tracks of 2015 and on top of this achievement, he has been included in many compilation albums by legends such as Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold, and Hernan Cattaneo.

While his studio productions are one of his strongest suits, his live performances are what really allow him to stand out. Whether performing in front of crowds of one hundred or one thousand, in a remarkably short period of time he's managed to set a name for himself amongst the DJ elite. His charisma and mixing bring audiences to life around the world while his ability to blend various genres of dance music into a fluid, emotive journey never fails to captivate the dance floor.

Tim's wide array of talent has also given him the opportunity to open one of the fastest rising record labels, Slideways Music. Very few labels have earned such immense respect so quickly in the industry. His gift at spotting new talent and good music has set this label apart from others and with every release Slideways consistently impresses artists and music lovers around the world.

To get to know Tim Penner is like getting to know an old friend. He brings forth a positive vibe and a friendly demeanour on and off the stage. He truly is a refreshing change in the dance music scene and is influencing people with his words and, most importantly, his music. Tim is the real deal and is quickly putting his hometown of Toronto on the map.

Tim Penner is coming to a dance floor near you!


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