CDJ Show 2015 Guest - DJ Vekked

Jake "Vekked" Meyer's journey as a DJ began in 2004 in Paisley, Ontario, a village of 1000 people where hip-hop and DJing is virtually non-existent. At the young age of 12 he got into music production, and was later introduced to hip-hop in high school. It was then that he combined his interest in hip-hop with his love of making music and decided to become a DJ. After seeing videos online of DJ Q-bert and Mix Master Mike that solidified his decision to become a turntablist and learn how to scratch.

Not long after getting his first set of Gemini turntables, Vekked purchased a copy of the 2003 DMC World Supremacy DVD and got his first exposure to DJ battling. A few months later he attended his first DMC event, and the following year he decided to enter himself. His first battle experience did not go as smooth as he could have hoped, and he ended up not placing. This experience only motivated him to work harder and once again he entered DMC in 2007. After his set, the 2003 Canadian DMC Supremacy champ M-Rock told him that he had potential but needed to try to find his own style, and said


With these words Vekked went back to the lab to practice and focus on the things that separated him from rest of the pack. In 2011, he came back with a much more developed style and claimed his first major DJ title becoming the Canadian DMC champ. This automatically entered him into the DMC World finals, but after much deliberation he decided against going because he felt his routine wasn't as polished as he wanted for a world final. So in the name of artistic integrity he chose to hone his skills for another year.

Vekked began practicing for 2012 right away and successfully retained his title as the Canadian DMC champion the following year. This time he felt prepared to go to the DMC World finals where he became the first Canadian ever to win the DMC World Supremacy Title in front of a judging panel that consisted of DJ legends such as Q-bert and Craze. With this momentum Vekked continued working on new material in preparation for the first ever International DJ Association (IDA) Canadian final which he went on to win as well. Soon after he travelled to Poland for the IDA World Finals and returned to North America a two-time world champion, the first North American to win an IDA world title, and the only DJ to win both the DMC and IDA world titles in the same year.

Now Vekked is working on improving the Canadian turntablist scene with a recently start website for Canadian DJs: He is also performing showcases all across North America, and plans to continue building on his success by defending his world titles and winning more.


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